Every 3 months we set aside a week so that we can pray together as a church family. During this week, all of our prayer meetings are open to people of any age, and Monday evening has a particular focus on prayer activities for children and their families to do together. Details of when we pray together can be found in the calendar.


Mon    *  8-8:30am Morning Prayer       *    4-5pm AND 6-7pm Family Prayer (come to either)
Tue     *  9:15-9:45am Morning Prayer   *    7:30-9pm Evening Prayer and Worship
Wed   *  8-8:30am Morning Prayer        *    7:30-9pm Evening Prayer and Worship
Thu    *  8-8:30am Morning Prayer        *    7:30-9pm Evening Prayer and Worship
Fri      *  8-8:30am Morning Prayer

All events take place at Lansbury Lodge.


If you’d like to fast and you’re over 18, here are some practical tips to help you get started:

  • If you are not used to fasting regularly, take time to build up the length that you fast. Maybe begin by fasting for one meal and gradually increasing the length of time that you fast. If you want to fast for a 24-hour period, you might like to try beginning your fast by missing an evening meal, and then not eating again until the following evening.
  • Do not undertake longer fasts without first talking to a friend or family member who will keep an eye out for you and join you in prayer.
  • Make sure that you drink plenty of liquids when you fast.
  • Try to reduce the amount of coffee that you drink a few days before you start fasting as if you stop drinking coffee you are likely to develop a headache.
  • Be aware that your energy levels may be a bit lower whilst you fast, so try to reorganise your time and tasks to take account of this.
  • Take care ending your fast. If you have been fasting for several days, eat something light and preferably not greasy for your first few meals.
  • Make sure that you take time to pray regularly. Fasting is not just about not eating, but also taking time to pray and seek God.
  • If you have any medical conditions (including any eating disorder), or are pregnant, have diabetes, or are taking medication, please talk to a doctor before fasting.