Where to find what

Toilet roll: the COSSH cupboard by the toilets.

Projectors and the portable AV set: 2nd cupboard from the left in the corner room.

Who to contact when supplies are low

If practical, replace them yourself and reclaim through an expense form.  If not, email church@thcc.org.uk.

Local keyholders (for emergencies only)

Anne/David, Simon/Marijke and Zoe

Fire alarm

By the side of the fire alarm is a key safe.  If no-one knows the code, contact one of the local keyholders.  Put the key into the fire alarm control and turn to “Master”; then press the mute button


Dishwasher – quick reference guide

Dishwasher – full instructions


Please do not adjust the radiators in the communal areas or make changes to the controller.  Doing so will likely result in the heating in the whole building not working as required.  However, you are welcome to temporarily override the controller as per the screenshot below.

Gas shut off and meter

To reach this, go out the back door of the kitchen, turn right and go to the end.  It is in the small alcove with the gas meter. To shut off the gas you turn the lever so it is horizontal.

There is also an electrically controlled shut off valve inside the boiler room (the last door on the right before you reach the gas meter – the key is in the church office).  This is triggered by an emergency stop on the wall on the left hand side as you walk in.  We have had a situation where someone has accidentally knocked this valve and switched off the gas.  So, if there is no gas in the building this should be checked.


All the fuse boards are in the electrical cupboard which is the first cupboard you come to when you turn right from the kitchen back door.  Most of the fuse switches are in the two big cupboards immediately on the left.  You open them with push catches where you’d expect a handle to be.  There are two fuse switches for the shower room on their own at the other end of that wall.


The valves to shut off the hot water and the boilers are in the boiler room.  When you turn right out of the kitchen back door, this is the last door on the right – keys are in the church office.  The valves in the boiler room are for the upstairs flats as well as for Lansbury Lodge.

Turning off the cold water to the building can only be done from the small manholes in Upper North Street that is in line with the boiler room.

The shower has its own water shut off in the roof space above the shower

Hot Water

This is provided by the two boilers in the boiler room.  There is a controller on the wall to the left of the boilers that determines when the hot water is on.  If you open the flap on the controller you will find instructions as to how to set it (please do not change this unless you have been asked to).  Note that this controller does not set the heating and so the heating part of it should be set to off.

There is also an electric emersion heating should the gas hot water heating not work.  If you look on the tank in the boiler room you can see where this is and follow the electric cable to the wall.  If you switch this on, you must remember to switch it off again.

Health and Safety at Lansbury Lodge – Quick Guide for Users

When opening the building, please immediately unlock the back door as this is one of our fire exits. You will need to lock this up again when you leave. There is a locking up checklist in the green clipboard by the front door, as well as a copy of this guide.

Please familiarise yourself with the emergency evacuation plan, and make sure you know where the assembly point is at Flora Close.

The catering kitchen is not to be used for cooking unless you have permission in writing.

Fire safety

For every event, a fire warden should be appointed. Their duties include proactive monitoring throughout events, ensuring passageways are clear and hazards are contained, and leading the evacuation in case of emergency.

Ensure that rooms that aren’t going to be used are kept locked throughout your event.

Please make sure you use equipment in accordance with instructions.

First Aid

First Aid kits​ are available on reception, in the main church office, and in the kitchen. The ​kitchen kit ​also includes blue plasters and burns spray. If you use any supplies, please make a note on the contents list in the inside of the lid.

The ​accident book​ is kept in the first aid kit on reception and should be filled in every time any of the first aid kits are used, or in case of any accidents. After filling in the slip, this should be detached and put in Bex White’s pigeonhole in the office.

Medicines​ must never be given out.

First Aiders​ are displayed on signs around the building.

Emergency evacuation

Evacuation plans are displayed around Lansbury Lodge. Please make sure that visitors are familiar with these. The main assembly point is FLORA CLOSE, off Ricardo Street.

Other Health and Safety notices

No smoking, alcohol or recreational drug use is allowed anywhere onsite.