Tony Uddin

Tony Uddin – Pastor

Tony is half Bengali, half Scottish and 100% south London council estate.  He’d like to have been a stand up comedian, but found a calling more suited to his gifts and became our pastor.  He found faith in a conservative evangelical church; was taught some sense of order by his German wife, and brought his experience of working for the homeless to GrowTH

Bex White

Bex White – Associate Pastor

Bex was almost born and was certainly bred in Tower Hamlets.  She thought she’d escaped the East End when she went to Cambridge University, but God had better plans and brought her home.  She’s been the CEO of a charity and is a local Councillor.  More importantly, she is our associate pastor.

James Blake – Trainee Elder

James was born and bred in Tower Hamlets. He has been in the thick of THCC all his adult life. Even a stint as youth pastor didn’t put him off, though it did confirm that he doesn’t like camping and really, really doesn’t like wasps. He has a masters in multimedia and a gift for relating to people from many different backgrounds.

Nikson Robinson – Trainee Elder

Nikson has been heard to say that he was manufactured in Bangladesh, made in heaven. Fortunately for us neither the weather nor British humour put him off moving to the UK around 20 years ago. He leads the Bengali Fellowship, using his gift of gently but clearly communicating the good news of Jesus.

Simon Kempson

Simon Kempson – Elder

Simon grew up in the country.  He spent much of his youth staring at nature, but eventually came to his senses and moved to Tower Hamlets.  He denies rumours that he once knew Adam and Eve, but admits to being a little older than most in the church.