We encourage everyone at THCC to be generous givers.  We can give in many ways, but we often do so through time and money.  For example, when THCC organises events for the wider community we usually pay for it ourselves so that it is free for others.  The money comes from gifts given by people that attend the Church.  We also have a strong culture of people giving of their time to help others.  If you look around this website you can see many examples of this.

We see giving as an important part of being a disciple of Jesus.  We would love everyone who sees THCC as their Church to give a tithe of their income to THCC and to give to individuals and other organisations as they are able to.  For most people, the best way to give financially to THCC (and often to other organisations) is by setting up an account with Stewardship.

As importantly, we encourage people to show their love for those around them by giving of their time.  If you are interested in volunteering please speak to one of the leaders.