The Wide and Narrow Way

On 20/01/2019

Speaker: Tony Uddin

Matt 7:13-14

Tony spoke about the fact that Jesus presents a series of contrasts in Matthew 7, with 2 gates, 2 roads, 2 sets of people and 2 destinations. The context being that Jesus wanted his hearers to be sure to do something about the things that they had heard him teach about.

1) Do we find it offensive that Jesus is clear that many people are on a path to destruction? If so why?

2) Tony spoke of following Jesus on the narrow way being both LIMITING ( we don’t get to do what we want but what Jesus commands of us) and also LIBERATING (Jesus wants to set us free from the rule of sin and self). What does that look like in practice for you?

3) Take time to reflect on whether you are sure that you have come through the narrow gate (Jesus) and are on the path to life. If you are not certain, what do you intend to do about it?

Please do feel free to speak to one of the leaders in church if you want to discuss this further or know what it is to be sure of your faith.

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