14088630_1811644972397289_1802770577216127037_nAs a church we are passionate about giving young people a safe place to belong, be themselves

and explore their faith. Our desire is for our youth to grow in their understanding that God is

FOR them, they have an identity in Christ Jesus and they are an integral part of our church

body as a whole.

We want the young people of our church to GROW relationally with Jesus and with each other

through youth trips, residentials, events and the weekly programs. If you are between 12-16 or in

year 7-11 you are very welcome at our activities listed below:


MONDAY 6.45-8.15PM – Youth Alpha: A bible study for the youth (@Lansbury Lodge*).

FRIDAY 6.00-8.15PM – Friday Club: Games, Food, Music and other activities (@Lansbury Lodge*).

SUNDAY 10.30-12.15pm – Sunday Youth: After worshiping together with the whole church the youth leave to learn more about God through

games, activities, reading the bible and praying in a smaller group.


If you would like to join the Youth Ministry here at THCC then come along to any of our programs

or if you would like to volunteer, be a mentor or require any other information please email Rachel

our Youth Minister in training.


Check us out on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to get regular updates of what is going on.




*Lansbury Lodge: 117 Ricardo Street, Poplar, E14 6EQ



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