Serving our Community

We love living in Tower Hamlets and are committed to serving our neighbours. We believe that we don’t only preach good news but live out our faith through loving and serving those around us.   This happens on an individual basis as well as through some of the projects that we as a Church are committed to. You can read about some of these below. If you come and visit, you will meet people whose lives have been transformed by Jesus and often this has begun through people in the Church deciding to demonstrate the love of God through serving the people around them.

Canaan Project – Community Youth Work

The Canaan Project is the Community Youth Project of THCC. It exists to provide for young people where there is no provision by building genuine relationships with them and providing opportunities to build aspirations and the resources to achieve them.

THCC has been involved in the Canaan Project’s work from inception and many THCCers work hard as volunteers and staff members.

GrowTH – Night Shelter

During the autumn and winter months, the churches in Tower Hamlets run a series of night shelters to serve homeless people in our area.

THCC was actively involved in setting up GrowTH and runs the shelter on a Saturday night at Lansbury Lodge.

Market Stall – Outreach

THCC - Chrisp Street Market Stall
Saturday mornings see our team of volunteers running a market stall at Chrisp Street market. Our goal is to build relationships with the local community, give out Christian literature as well as offering prayer or a listening ear to those in need.


THCC has a long history of sending out and supporting missionaries throughout the world.

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