THCCSite-7005356Most of us love the buzz of London and having full on lives.  We know that with such lifestyles it’s all the more important that we set time aside for prayer.  In part that is because entering into God’s presence in prayer helps us set our priorities straight, but also it’s because we know that prayer changes things and there is much in our world that we would like to be different.



GL OngWe include prayer in our lives in a number of ways: once a month on the first Tuesday we gather in the evening for a Church-wide prayer meeting; most weeks there will be prayer in each of the Link groups and there is an opportunity for people to be prayed for at our Sunday services.  The Sunday morning Prayer Ministry is run by GL Ong, pictured here at our weekly market stall. Every 3 months we set aside a week of prayer and fasting, gathering morning and evening to pray and worship together. As well as these formal meetings, we encourage people to meet regularly in twos or threes to pray for one another.




We have a dedicated prayer ministry team who love praying for people and their needs. If you have something that needs prayer please come along to any of our services where our team is available to pray for you.


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