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THCC - Chrisp Street Market StallThe Market Stall runs twice a month at Chrisp Street Market on a Saturday morning. We began 4 years ago because we had a heart to share the gospel with people at the market especially those who may not have heard it before because of the language they speak or the culture they are in. We also wanted to be able to share the gospel in a simple and direct, yet gentle way; just giving people a chance to pause for thought and reflect on Christ. We offer people sweets, bible verses, conversation and prayer. For the first few months we just prayed walking round the market and the Church encouraged us by reminding us that as we lift up Jesus he draws men and women to himself. We have seen answers to these prayers as the way opened up for us to set up a stall and we had the support and friendliness of other stall holders and the market owners.

So what happens on a normal Saturday?

THCC - Chrisp Street Market Stall

On Saturday mornings we meet at Lansbury Lodge and drink coffee and we pray and try to listen to God for what he might be saying to us for that day. Then we pick up a big THCC banner, a tablecloth, the literature and sweets and make our way to the stall which is opposite the tea stall next to the Co-op. In the last few months we have developed relationships with the stall holders around us more and more. The ladies at the tea stall give us free tea and always want to receive books or verse from us. Many we have developed relationships with over a longer period of time. One man we have known for years is an Afghan who received from David one of the first full translations of the bible in his own language. Sometimes we get people hungry for the word of God and hungry for debate. We have had several opportunities to discuss the reasons for the Christian faith with people in depth and this dialogue has been fruitful and productive. We have also had opportunity to pray with people and give them the gospel in their own language.

market_teamWe have faith in what we can not always see- that as God’s word goes out it doesn’t come back void and that as we plant seeds he will rain on them and make them grow.

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