Get Involved


THCC is best experienced as a participant, not as a spectator.  Often we have the most fun, feel closest to one other and have the greatest sense of God being among us when we are working alongside one another.  It isn’t always easy.  There are times when giving to others is demanding, stressful and brings out parts of our character that we’d rather others didn’t see, but even that can help strengthen our sense of being in this together.


There are many ways that people can be involved at THCC.  They vary from arriving early on Sunday mornings to set the equipment up, to children’s and youth ministry, to sharing Jesus with people in a local market place to sharing a meal with people at the night shelter.  The best way to find out more about these and other activities is to talk to someone who is already involved or contact any of the church staff team.

If you’re looking for our key documents for volunteers, you’ll find them here.

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