Canaan Project

15 years ago, members of Tower Hamlets Community Church realised there was a real need for young people to have something meaningful to do on Friday nights so they started a youth club at the Limehouse Youth Centre. This club formed the foundations of what has since become the Canaan Project, a youth work charity that has continued this vision of identifying places where there is a lack of provision for young people and finding ways to create opportunities for them.

Watch a short video they made with guys from a local estate talking about life:

For the last 5 years we have been working on the Teviot Estate in Poplar and are now developing our work in Globe Town near Bethnal Green. And in line with our vision of being provision where there is no provision, we are entering a new chapter in our story and will be focusing fully on work with young women. Young women are massively under-represented in youth clubs across the country and we are passionate about seeing them access the experiences, opportunities and support that good youth work can offer.
If you want to find out more about the Canaan Project, how you can support us or get involved you can go to our website at or contact Fiona Harriss at

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